Saturday, December 26, 2015

DZ Fais.

This is coolbert:

Good training!

We have heard of the American military man doing bad.

And we have heard of NORAD and the radar tracking of Santa Claus.

Here with the military parachuting of necessary supplies on Christmas day to Fais Island, Pacific Ocean. The American military acting with altruism most admirable.

"Air Force brings unlikely Christmas to remote Pacific islands"

"FAIS ISLAND, Micronesia — 'Santa One-One' was late, and the chief of this tiny island in the western Pacific was concerned: Would there be no Christmas this year? No toys or school supplies?"

. . . .

"Strong, young men wrestled the bundle from the open field where it landed to the nearby village center. There, amid broad smiles and cheerful banter, Mangtau [the headman] passed out the contents: toy trucks and soccer balls, rubber sandals and T-shirts, fishhooks and fishing line and all manner of daily necessities unavailable on remote islands in the Pacific."

"Welcome to Operation Christmas Drop, the longest running humanitarian airlift operation in the world."

"Each Christmas for the past 64 years, the Air Force has been parachuting donated gifts and humanitarian supplies to tiny islands dotting this vast area of the western Pacific. The effort is supported by hundreds of civilian volunteers in Guam and Japan and U.S. air bases across the region."

Good training too!


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