Monday, December 14, 2015


This is coolbert:

As was noted in a previous blog entry, the American littoral combat ships [LCS] also incorporating the tumblehome design. A tapering structure from the waterline up.

LCS however a TRIMARAN. Three hulls as compared to the DDG1000 Zumwalt [mono hull].

If indeed there is an inherent problem of instability with the tumblehome design, what difficulties as maybe present are greatly mitigated by that trimaran structure of the LCS?

DDG1000 prior to being floated. A mono hull. Depending on the type of seas this design is unconditionally and dangerously unstable?

Three hulls of the design make the LCS more stable? Much more perhaps?

Different aspects of the LCS.

An LCS while under construction. Impressive. Trimaran design instantaneously apparent.

LCS stands for Littoral Combat Ship. A green water vessel designed to fight close to shore.

NOT a pelagic [deep water] going warship that will ever encounter the rough seas and that exact perfect combination of conditions that might place a tumblehome designed ship in extreme danger?


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