Monday, December 21, 2015


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From Freeper and thanks to same:

"Desertions Slow Progress of Afghan Air Force Training in U.S."

"The latest case [desertion] involves two airmen [Afghans] who were last seen at Moody Air Force Base near Valdosta, Ga., on Dec. 4, two weeks before they were scheduled to graduate and return to duty in Afghanistan. They are still being sought...Most of the Afghan airmen now being trained at Moody Air Force Base are pilots and maintenance crews for 20 new Brazilian-made A-29 light attack planes, bought for the Afghans by the United States at a cost of $427 million...Colonel Lawhorn said a total of 80 Afghans were now being trained at eight American air bases. General Wardak gave a higher figure of 140, with an additional 50 to 100 scheduled to arrive in January. It was not immediately clear why their tallies did not match."

I might imagine these Afghan military personnel after a temporary residence in the United States have decided to take advantage of a situation and disappear, joining that underground of those many millions of illegal aliens to be found within the borders of the contiguous forty-eight states.

These Afghan are hardly stupid. They see the hand-writing on the wall with the prospect of the Taliban [or the Islamic State] eventually becoming the ruling power in Kabul, with all that means for those that are seen as collaborators with the Americans.


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