Wednesday, December 9, 2015


This is coolbert:

From the English tabloid Daily mail and thanks to the tip from Freeper:

THE AMERICAN MILITARY MAN AGAIN BEHAVING BADLY! An Admiral and not an enlisted man of lowly rank! WELL, IT DOES HAPPEN!

"Admiral reprimanded for being found wandering naked around hotel after being so drunk at official party he wet his own pants"

    * "Rear Admiral David Baucom was at a conference in Florida in April"
    * "But he got so drunk he is said to have hit his head on a bar stool"
    * "Was taken to his room by hotel staff before locking himself out, naked"
    * "Baucom says effects of alcohol increased due to medical condition"

"Baucom later got up to go the bathroom, only to find himself locked outside without any clothes on - and was discovered wandering the hotel grounds looking for a towel."

ONLY a reprimand? I might have thought this flag officer would be cashiered and almost instantly.

That selection process for promotion to flag officer status [and admiral or a general] including the appearance, comportment and image of the officer. YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO LOOK THE PART!


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