Friday, December 11, 2015


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Military conscription [called the draft in the United States] of a draconian nature as currently practiced in Eritrea duly noted in a previous blog entry.

Such a governmental decree harsh and unremitting having of course a precedent from the times of Czarist Imperial Russia.

This was forcible conscription referred to as Cantonism.

Youth [of twelve years of age] conscripted and placed into military schools. Upon graduation required to provide TWENTY-FIVE YEARS OF ACTIVE DUTY SERVICE!! A regimen for the most part there being no lessening or surcease!

Each and every military regiment providing such schooling and education for the conscripts. Education limited to subjects valuable within the military dimension.

"There were forcible conscription of underage recruits from the populations of Old Believers, Gypsies, and common vagabonds from 1805, Jews from 1827, and Poles from 1831."

"After 1827, the term was applied to Jewish and Karaite boys, who were drafted to military service at the age of twelve and placed for their six-year military education in cantonist schools. Like all other conscripts, they were required to serve in the Imperial Russian army for 25 years after the completion of their studies (in 1834 the term was reduced to 20 years plus five years in reserve and in 1855 to 12 years plus three years of reserve)."

The Czar during that period of Imperial Russia very fond of issuing ukase, edicts "harsh and unremtting" EVEN CRUEL!

"A ukase, or ukaz was a proclamation of the czar that had the force of law . . . the word ukase has entered the English language with the meaning of  'any proclamation or decree; an order or regulation of a final or arbitrary nature'."

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