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“This is a tectonic movement that is bigger than a mere transfer of weapons, even nuclear. There is an extremely dynamic geopolitical context here. The Moscow-Ankara-Tehran axis now in the making would radically change the situation [in] the region,”
From the Russian Internet news media Sputnik some updates good and bad regarding the American atomic munitions stationed in Turkey. Tectonics of course referring to the geological movement of continents on a grand planetary scale.

1. "Kremlin Presses Turkey for Access to NATO's Incirlik Air Base, Home to US Nukes"

Russian officials have reached out to Ankara to request access to the American-built base as a convenient launch pad for airstrikes in the Syrian theater, but it remains to be seen whether such cooperation will roil NATO’s feathers.

2. "Man Who Wrote About US Nukes Moving From Turkey Stands by His Report"

Georgi Gotev, the author of an article about the US transferring its nuclear weapons in Turkey to Romania, insists that the information obtained from his own sources can be trusted, and promised to follow up on this subject.

3. "Could Terrorists Gain Access to US Nukes at NATO's Incirlik Base in Turkey?"

"Some worry that US-made nuclear weapons are not safe at the Incirlik air base in Turkey, but Ismail Hakki Pekin, former head of the intelligence unit of the Chief of Staff of the Turkish army, told Sputnik these comments serve to 'exert pressure on' Turkey so as to prevent Ankara from changing its foreign policy strategy.

More likely worry about determined and suicidal terrorists of the Islamic State for instance using a truck bomb or satchel charges as wielded by sappers attacking the storage facility of the nuclear weapons and destroying same in situ. A radioactive plume sent skyward and much of Anatolia being "dusted" with plutonium!! That is how it could go down?

Incirlik only about sixty miles [100 kilometers] from the Syrian border!! To be brutally honest it was a big mistake to allow IN THE FIRST PLACE ATOMICS TO BE STORED SO CLOSE TO SUCH A VOLATILE AREA!!

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