Saturday, August 27, 2016

SDF Manbij.

This is coolbert:

"Most of the mines are handmade, few are Russian mines, and the majority are landmines. Others are distributed throughout houses: in doors and entrances, refrigerators, cooking utensils and even teapots. They even included behind wall paintings and inside shops."

As it was at Palmyra as it is now in Manbij.

A city when liberated from the combatants of ISIL found to be infested with a multitude of mines. Thanks to Global Voices for this item.

"ISIS Left Thousands of Mines in Manbij Before Fleeing. It Hid Them Inside Everything."  

"After two years of rule, ISIS was expelled from most of the city of Manbij in Northern Syria on August 13, 2016. The battle between ISIS and the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF)—a US-backed coalition made up of of Kurdish, Arab, Assyrian, Armenian, Turkmen, and Circassian militias—lasted 73 days"

. . . .

"Before withdrawing, however, ISIS left thousands of mines planted throughout various parts of the city. As of August 15, the SDF had already cleared more than 13,000 mines."

SDF predominantly Kurdish [60 %] but also including a variety of factions in opposition to the despot Assad. SDF A COALITION STRONGLY SUPPORTED BY THE UNITED STATES!

"The Syrian Democratic Forces . . . commonly abbreviated as SDF or QSD, are an alliance of Kurdish, Arab, Assyrian, Armenian, Turkmen and Circassian militias in the Syrian Civil War, fighting against the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) and against those parts of the rebellion who cooperate with Army of Conquest, Fatah Halab and other Salafist and Islamist groups and coalitions. The SDF claims to be fighting to create a secular, democratic and federal Syria"

The ruthlessness of the Islamic State unmistakable. IF WE CAN'T HAVE IT SO NEITHER WILL ANYONE ELSE!!


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