Saturday, December 13, 2014

Osprey & AC-130.

This is coolbert:

American warplanes continuing with weapons development upgrades and improvements as reported by Foxtrot Alpha:

1. "The V-22 Osprey Finally Gets The Missiles And Rockets It Needs"

Osprey having already a rearward firing ramp gun but now will possess forward firing organic weapons of formidable capability. Those American Air Force special operations units in particular need this sort of firepower during missions into enemy held and hostile territory. The Marines also of course!

2. "The U.S. Air Force's New AC-130 Gunships Are Really Bomb Trucks"

AC-130 the ancient and venerable flying "battleship" those early versions having the firepower equal to a tactical nuclear weapon. NOW getting an upgrade and improvement all part of an ongoing and long-term continuing process. MISSILES AND GLIDE WEAPONS FOR THE AC-130 SEEM TO BE ALL THE RAGE. Allow for stand-off capability and pin-point accuracy, ENEMY BEWARE!

Missiles and glide weapons to include:

Griffin, Viper Strike, Hellfire, Small Diameter Bomb [SDB], SDB II.

Previously existing rapid fire cannon as found on AC-130 to be all replaced with Bushmaster 30 mm cannon, that 30 mm round an exploding round!

All of it most formidable!! Awesome even!!


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