Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Woodpecker Canada.

This is coolbert:

NOT in forty years or so has this sort of thing occurred.

I am familiar with the Russian Woodpecker.

But now we have the Canadian Woodpecker.

And over the horizon high frequency radar.

From MARCONI through Harry: "The RADAR like signal noted of late on or about 1910 kHz has been tentatively identified. This was posted to the Top Band Reflector by XXXX K1DG earlier today. I have been monitoring and it has been active on 3250 kHz since I started to listen at 21:33 UTC and went OTA on 3250 kHz at 22:50 UTC. Nothing heard on 1915, 4400, or 5300 at this time."

- "It is a high-frequency surface-wave radar (HFSWR) system, developed by Raytheon Canada for the Canadian military. It seems to be a new version of the SWR503 MK2 HFSWR system. It is intended to detect ships up to 200 miles from a country's coast (EEZ) to protect against terrorists, smugglers, and unauthorized fishing vessels as well as locate vessels in distress. The present system has been detected at 1915, 3250, 4400, and 5300 kHz."

- "It is located at Hartlen Point, NS, near Halifax (Google Earth to 44 35 29.47 N 63 26 49.68 W )"

- "The frequency band 1850-2000 is a shared allocation in Canada, among amateur, radionavigation, and radiolocation services."

- "A previous version of this system was installed in several other regions.  1915 kHz is not the primary operating frequency for the system. The higher frequencies generally work better for the intended purpose."

That Russian OTH radar causing massive interference for A NUMBER OF YEARS on the high frequency radio band. ONLY became defunct with the Chernobyl disaster. That RECEIVING ANTENNA for the system within the forbidden radioactive contaminated area. Called STEEL YARD and designed to detect an incoming cruise missile or low-flying aircraft at long distance.

Listen to these recordings of the Russian Woodpecker here, here and here.
And to if you have a high frequency receiver you may want to try and listen to the live and up and running Canadian Woodpecker too.

Have fun and good hunting.


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