Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Chinese Dragon.

This is coolbert:

From another amateur radio forum courtesy of Zenki we have more on the two over-the-horizon [OTH] radar systems, Chinese and Iranian causing havoc on the high frequency radio band:

"The two most obnoxious radars at the moment are the Chinese Dragon that wipes out whole chunks  of HF spectrum and the Iranian 28 MHZ radar which is an annoying high pitch whine that wipes out most of the 10 and 12 meter bands. Why I don't think that this a Russian Woodpecker is that it can be heard when I typical don't have propagation  to the USSR [Russia]. The well behaved over the horizon radars are tolerable. The Chinese Dragon is  the most offensive and obnoxious QRM [man made interference] that we have heard in a  very long time. My feeling is that the Chinese Dragon has more to with jamming internal broadcasts in China rather than being a useful radar. You typically hear  jamming right from 3 MHZ through to  10 MHZ"

OTH radars allowing for coverage of oceans and airspace well beyond the line-of-sight, tracking of ships at sea and low-flying aircraft [or low-flying cruise missiles] in a COST EFFICIENT MANNER. That original investment in such an OTH system rather large I might think but cost efficient in the long run.

Such interference with international broadcast and allocated high frequency channels of communications as they occur also treaty violations as agreed upon?


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