Monday, December 22, 2014


This is coolbert:

Those nations bordering the Baltic TO INCLUDE MEMBER STATES OF NATO now subjected to widespread Russian intimidation. This part and parcel of an ongoing process.

Thanks to Radio Free Europe and the tip from Freeper.

1. "Poland: 'Unprecedented' Russian Action In Baltic Region"

"Polish Defense Minister Tomasz Siemoniak has said Russia's military is engaging in an unprecedented amount of activity around the Baltic Sea."

"'Over the past few days we have seen unprecedented activity by the Russians in the Baltic Sea, both the Baltic fleet and Russian aircraft,'"

2. "Russian Military Jet Nearly Collides With Passenger Plane"

"Swedish defense officials have said a Russian military aircraft nearly collided south of Sweden with a commercial passenger plane shortly after takeoff from Copenhagen, Denmark, on December 12."

"Sweden's air force chief, Major General Micael Byden, said the Russian warplane's transponders -- which make the plane detectable to commercial radar -- were shut off."

That transponder on the military aircraft shut off had to be a deliberate action and in violation of internationally agreed upon air traffic treaties of which the Russian are a signatory to.

These provocations designed to scare and intimidate those NATO allies of the United States. Firm response needed and NOW!


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