Saturday, December 6, 2014

Video & Images.

This is coolbert:

The lead here is again from Harry at Sharkhunters.

"Now women are being deployed aboard US Navy submarines and . . . we learn that some of the female officers have been photographed and videotaped in the showers aboard the ballistic sub USS WYOMING and those photos and videos have been distributed.  It is also rumored that photos and videos exist of male and female officers.  An officer aboard a different submarine based at King's Bay received the videos and he turned them over to NCIC, who called these photos and videos 'criminal'"

I was afraid of this and regrettably it has come to pass and in an extreme manner.

 "Navy Investigating Allegations That Female Submarine Officers Were Secretly Videotaped"

"The Navy is investigating allegations that a sailor aboard a submarine secretly recorded three female officers while they showered. Female officers only began serving aboard submarines three years ago and guaranteeing their privacy aboard the vessels has always been a major concern."

. . . .

"The videos are alleged to show the three female officers while showering or in stages of undress."

It would seem that not only were the video and images made BUT DISTRIBUTED. And this is criminal behavior. Those malefactors facing serious punishment, an end to their career, perhaps even time in the brig, fine, etc. And if the perpetrator is an enlisted man the violation of these female officers [nuclear power plant operators women with physics degrees] what is deemed an egregious offense.

Those American submarines personnel of the highest possible caliber, an elite. By virtue of physical, mental, psychological and aptitude an elite without question. Hanky-panky and shenanigans of this sort hardly professional. Also criminal and deviant behavior NOT a prank rather demonstrative of a serious character flaw.

Something has gone wrong here.


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