Tuesday, May 3, 2022

Article 13.

This is coolbert:

From the English online tabloid "Express" and thanks to same.

Vlad acting badly? Hope not. Original story from a dissident Russian source? How reliable is that?

9 May 2022 Red Square the big parade. Victory Day WW2.

"VLADIMIR PUTIN may parade captured Ukrainian fighters around Moscow in a show of Russian 'strength and superiority' that breaks international law."


“During the Victory Parade in Moscow, up to 500 Ukrainian soldiers can be brought to demonstrate the ‘strength and superiority of the Russian army,’ according to the sources of Gulagu.net.”

As it was in 1944 so will it be in 2022 too?

From You Tube video the original by Pathe News!

German troops vanquished and marched through the streets of Moscow. Demonstrating the might and fighting prowess of the Red Army. A dirty and scruffy lot. Defeated soldiers and it showed!

If I was Vlad I would not repeat the march of 1944. The adverse publicity will be overwhelming. I imagine universal revulsion.

9 May the big day now approaching and we will see! Events if held I would suspect more than likely muted.


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