Tuesday, May 10, 2022

Der Schlacht.

This is coolbert:

Der Schlacht = The cauldron. The Ukraine Conflict.

The tip from Commander Salamander Tuesday, May 10, 2022.

"Again, the Austrian Army is providing the best briefs on the Russo-Ukrainian War. Col. Markus Reisner, AUT [Austrian] Army sets the benchmark."

"If your German is iffy, you can get English subtitles in settings by going Settings<Subtitles/CC<English."

"The Kursk-Donbas side by side is exceptional at the 13-minute mark."

See the You Tube video. NOW!


* This analysis and briefing is the real stuff. Not some television pundits or even ex-military experts making pronouncements the validity of which often questionable.

* Defense is the stronger form of combat. Easier to do, you accomplish more with less. AND as stated, the  Ukrainian has had years to prepare entrenchments of a significant scale.

* Kursk 1943 all over again in the Donbass? German failure at Kursk primarily due to the slowness of the advance AND that too much was expended for too little gain. Kursk 1943, Donbass 2022?

And thank you Commander. Outstanding!


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