Thursday, May 5, 2022


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The "dark forces" at work. The devil made me do it!

From the English tabloid "Daily Mail the article by By RACHAEL BUNYAN FOR MAILONLINE 4 May 2022 |

"Now Russia accuses Ukraine of using Black Magic: State media says 'Satanic seal of the dark forces' was found at deserted military HQ in propaganda claim"

* "A 'satanic seal' was apparently found on wall of deserted Ukrainian military base" * "Russian state news agency claimed the symbol showed there were signs Ukrainian soldiers were 'practicing black magic'"  * "RIA Novosti claims 'disciples of otherworldly forces tried to consecrate their weapons' so as to give their armory extra energy to deal extra damage"

"A satanic seal -  a symbol believed to hold connections toa a greater supernatural power - was apparently found on the wall of a deserted Ukrainian  military base on the outskirts of the village of Trekhizbenka in the Luhansk region." Thanks the image from RIA Novosti.

Devoted readers to the blog make what you will of this. In the African context this would be referred to as juju or muti. Incantation, supplications, wearing of amulets. During a time of war ensuring success, your adversary reduced to ruin, crushed and subdued, your safety in battle guaranteed!

Remember it works only if you believe it works!


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