Thursday, May 5, 2022

CVN 73.

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Military suicides U.S. Navy [USN]. Not such an uncommon event. This however different than most.

A sudden rash of USN suicides beyond norm creating a stir and immediate action taken.

"Father of Navy sailor who died by suicide says son expressed frustrations about work conditions"

Thanks to NBC News, Melissa Chan seen at April 30, 2022.

"Fresh out of high school, Xavier Hunter Sandor radiated with pride as he enlisted in the Navy on Aug. 24, 2021."


"Then he got his orders. On Jan. 27, he left his family’s home in Shelton, Connecticut, for the first time to serve on the aircraft carrier USS George Washington, as it underwent an extensive overhaul at a Virginia shipyard. He was onboard when he took his life three months later."

"Sandor was the third sailor on the ship to die by suicide in the span of a week this April, according to the Navy and the state chief medical examiner’s office. He had just turned 19, said his father, John Sandor. Sandor loved being in the Navy, and as far as his father knew, only the conditions at work were upsetting him."


"While most of the roughly 2,700 sailors go home after their shifts, hundreds who live out of state or don’t have off-site housing stay on the George Washington. Those onboard endure nearly uninhabitable conditions, including constant construction noise that makes sleeping after long shifts impossible and a lack of hot water and electricity, according to several sailors."

As previously stated, suicide sailor USN not an uncommon event. Sailor during a patrol on an aircraft carrier or other major warship away from home often for an extended period, half a year or more sometimes. Depressed naval personnel while at sea often develop mental issues with suicidal thoughts. Jump off the stern of the ship, missing for hours or more, never found.

Circumstances regarding these suicides however different.

In this case sailors living onboard a docked vessel while undergoing extensive overhaul [once every fifty years!] confined to an area where normal human habitation impossible, lack of * sleep and just plain ordinary * everyday basic amenities making life nearly unbearable. Depressed sailors with no way out thinking they have only one alternative to a bad situation. 

Hopefully measures as already taken with greatly alleviate what is obviously a very bad situation.


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