Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Munitions Turk.

This is coolbert:

The German in response to that just recent Turkish military incursion into Syria having stopped delivery of Leopard tanks or spare parts for same the Turk not even worried. Thanks to Sputnik again.

"Turkey 'Has Come a Long Way' in Developing Its Own Weapons - Generals"

There have been conflicting reports about Germany mulling a suspension on the delivery of modernized Leopard main battle tanks to Turkey in light of Ankara’s ongoing military operation in northern Syria.

Germany’s possible decision to freeze the supply of modernized Leopard tanks requested by Turkey will by no means slow down the pace of the military operation against Kurds in Afrin, two retired Turkish generals have told Sputnik.

See previous blog entries the Turkish self-sufficiency with regard to armor unmistakable:



That Turkish arms industry very active. Producing indigenous designed and fabricated weapons, to-of-the-line. See previous blog entries the topic of which was Turkish munitions production:




Nations once almost totally reliant for advanced weaponry on foreign sources now able to develop and produce armaments of the most sophisticated nature.



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