Friday, January 5, 2018


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Flash message thanks to the tip from Freeper that original story from the South China Morning Post.

Sixteen million years half-life. WHO is counting?

Once again the topic of unexplained radiation spike as detected. A type of radiation as associated with atomic detonations!!

"What caused radiation spike in north west China: North Korea, Europe or something else?"

"Levels of iodine-129 in capital of Shaanxi province peaked two days after hydrogen bomb test 2,000km away" [that North Korean atomic test on 3 September. The iodine-129 peak event occurring two days later in China.]

"Radiation levels in a Chinese city nearly 2,000 km [1,250 miles] from a North Korean nuclear test site spiked following Pyongyang’s latest and most powerful nuclear weapons test in September, according to Chinese scientists".

"However, the spike in iodine-129 levels Xian was probably not related to the detonation of a 100-kiloton hydrogen bomb in a tunnel at the Punggye-ri nuclear test site on September 3 and was more likely to have originated in Europe"

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