Thursday, January 4, 2018


This is coolbert:

From the latest edition of WWII magazine and the article by Andrew McGregor.


Dutch collaboration during the Second World War. Collaboration with the NAZI occupier. Dutch collaboration more extensive than that of any other NAZI occupied nation. That topic I might suspect in Holland today still a subject not suitable for discussion?

"Why side with an adversary? There are clues - - and more questions - - in the experiences of Dutch recruits to the Waffen-SS."

Two to four times as many Dutch fought with the Germans as participated in the Dutch Resistance during the Second World War.

Again, more Dutch collaborated with the German than ANY OTHER occupied nation during WW2!!

 Dutch collaboration, those participants their reasons to include but not strictly limited to:

* A strong National socialist party already existed in Holland.

* Christian, democratic, capitalist Europe perceived as archaic and moribund. NAZI ideology offering a viable alternative.

* Destroying Russian Bolshevism.

* Adventure.

* Avoid legal problems or forced labor.

* Three meals per day.

* Release from prison.

With regard to eating "three meals a day" consider the Dutch Famine of 1944/45. Eating "three meals a day" not a minor consideration. A consideration often of life or death!!


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