Monday, January 15, 2018


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"The best laid plans of mice and men"!!

From a You Tube Internet web site an item of interest with a military dimension. Ten again! Military plans and operations that did not come to fruition.

"Top 10 Scrapped War Plans"

A list as compiled by whom exactly I am not sure.

"These are the top 10 scrapped and abandoned war plans of history. It's safe to say if any of these plans were executed history would have been radically different."

# 10. Operation Plan 3   German invasion of the United States.

# 9. Soviet Invasion of Europe 1964.

# 8. Plan 17.  French invasion of Germany.

# 7. Tannenbaum   German/Italian invasion of Switzerland.

# 6. War Plan Red  American invasion of Canada.

# 5. Defense Scheme 1.  Canadian invasion of the United States.

# 4. Sealion.  German invasion of England.

# 3. Operation Pike   British/French aerial bombardment of the Soviet Union.

# 2. Downfall.  Allied invasion of Japan.

# 1. Unthinkable.  British war with the Soviet Union.

An American invasion of Canada always predicated on the assumption of their being a possibility of war between Great Britain and the United States. England and the U.S. unto the time just prior to the Great War often at odds, adversaries thankfully without having to resort to armed hostilities!!

Pike strictly confined to air attack by bomber formations only? Destroy the oil fields of the Soviet Union, vicinity Baku, Azerbaijan, Caspian Sea.


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