Tuesday, January 16, 2018


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YET one more senior officer from the era of the Great War given short shrift in the history books. A man who cannot be neglected however.

"short shrift - - noun - - rapid and unsympathetic dismissal; curt treatment."

Before there was Bruchmuller, Hutier and Ludendorff there was Brusilov!

Alexei Brusilov. Senior Imperial Russian general officer during World War One. The most [?] successful Russian commander of that conflict!

Brusilov the senior Russian commander during what has been deemed The Brusilov Offensive!

"The Brusilov Offensive . . . as the Russian Empire's greatest feat of arms during World War I, and among the most lethal offensives in world history."

As to strategy, tactics and the operational art "those "main ideas" of Brusilov to include:

* "To increase the points of sally"
* "To make the width of attack wide"
* "To limit the duration of bombardment"
* "To advance artillery in secrecy and to cooperate with the infantry."
* "To advance the strategic reserve beforehand and to join with the storm-troops after a breach of the enemy's front trench has been achieved."
* "To get the trench lines as close as possible to the enemy's trenches prior to the battle."

Brusilov incorporating into his offensive plan a variety of stratagem, tactics and techniques of the operational art as having been proposed earlier by others. Brusilov his contribution the TOTAL PACKAGE of such methods as to be later emulated by others.


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