Wednesday, January 17, 2018


This is coolbert:

Brazil si, Turkey no!

Bird Farm = Aircraft carrier.

From Harry at Sharkhunters:


"Rumors are now official; the Royal Navy [RN] carrier HMS OCEAN (a helicopter carrier) has been sold to the Brazilian Navy. It has been rumored for some time that this deal was being considered, but it is confirmed that Brazil will pay €84 million (Euros) for this ship. The first Brazilian Navy officers will be headed for England shortly when HMS OCEAN finishes her time with the RN this October or November"

Turkey also reported to have been interested in purchasing HMS Ocean. This deal to the Turk fell  through somehow.

HMS Ocean a helicopter carrier. A light carrier. The ship as sold not complete without a complement of warplanes, rotary, tilt-rotor or fixed wing, the latter if possible capable of vertical-take-off and landing.


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