Friday, November 24, 2017

HMS Ocean.

This is coolbert:

Brazil si, Turkey no? Or is it Turkey si and Brazil no? In any case England no!

One a-building, one more on the way?


More items of interest from Harry at Sharkhunters as reported by WIZARD.

Britannia does not now and has not for some time ruled the waves.

"The Turkish government is interested in buying the soon-to-be-decommissioned UK helicopter carrier HMS OCEAN if it is not sold to Brazil."

". . . Commissioned in October 1995, the 202-meter [ 660 foot] long HMS OCEAN replaced HMS BULWARK as fleet flagship in June 2015. In her role as a helicopter carrier and amphibious assault ship, Ocean is designed to deliver troops by helicopter or by landing craft"

Continuing further with the same topic:


"Turkey is already building a landing helicopter dock which is based on the Spanish Navy’s (LHD) JUAN CARLOS I and designed by Navantia. The Turkish version of the ship will be named TCG ANADOLU and have the pennant number L-408.First steel on the ship, which will be registered as a light aircraft carrier by the TurkishLloyd, was cut in May 2016 while delivery is scheduled for 2021."

Erdogan has intentions that Turkey should be THE regional military powerhouse. Restore the glory of the Ottoman Empire and use in measure naval power to do so.


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