Saturday, November 11, 2017

Bull II.

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Often have I wondered about this and now I have the answer. Devoted readers to the blog also.

Advantages and disadvantages of the bullpup type assault rife. Here in the proverbial nutshell as extracted from the Internet web site and blog "Future War Stories" everything you always wanted to know but for which there was no answer. Thanks Future War! Bloggers of the world unite!

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"FWS Armory: Bullpup Assault Rifles"

1. "Advantages of the Bullpup Assault Rifle"

"Conventionally layed out assault rifles, mount their ammunition and bolt assembly in the middle of the weapon, which is traditional in the history of firearms, however, the bullpup rifle mounts the guts in the rear. While this may not seem like a big deal, the real advantage of bullpup rifles becomes clear when you examine the hard numbers of barrel and overall lengths of a conventional layout vs. the bullpup. . . .  Bullpups offer more barrel length for less space, and with more militaries exchanging their assault rifles for assault carbines, one can see that the bullpup offers a full length barrel in a carbine-sized package."

2. "Disadvantages of the Bullpup Assault Rifle"

"If you have played Airsoft or COD:MW3 with a bullpup rifle than you have seen the major drawback of a bullpup rifle...loading the damn thing. Because of the position of the magazine, being close to the body of the shooter, you cannot use gravity to drop the magazine, like a traditional rifle, instead you must rotate the rifle 90 degrees, resting the weapon on your forearm, pulling the mag out, then slapping another in. This means that you have an awkward position to be in, which can be extremely difficult in prone position, and is slower due to having to extract the empty magazine, instead of letting it drop.

"Some bullpups have a basic design flaw . . . the position of the ejection port. With normal assault rifles, the position of the ejection port is not an issue, however, with bullpups, most of the ejection ports are on the left side, if you are left-handed, like me, then that means you get hot brass in your face. Not exactly what I call a good time. This is also a problem, as one website mention, if there is a critical failure in the weapon, and it explodes, it would right next to your face. Ouch! The position of the bolt also brings up another issue, the possibility of the bolt being caught up on the tactical gear of the shooter. That could be death in battlefield conditions. Adding to the mechanical issues, is that bullpups are more complex, and the linkage is much long between the bolt and the trigger, making some bullpup trigger worse than there conventional cousins. Most of the issues, can be chalked up to one word: ergonomics."

COD: MW3 = "Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3" a video game.

Bullpup! Advantages and disadvantages. NOW I know it all and you do too!


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