Tuesday, November 21, 2017

San Juan II.

This is coolbert:

ARA San Juan missing! Sub down!

ARA = Armada de la República Argentina. Argentine navy.

More on the situation with the missing Argentine submarine San Juan thanks to Harry at Sharkhunters:


19 November.

As reported by HECTOR.  [Click on image to see a larger view.]

“Seven satellite calls that would have been made from the submarine ARA SAN JUAN but did not connect with the bases of the Argentina Navy were detected Saturday (yesterday, 18 November), it was reported in a statement from the Ministry of Defense. The defense portfolio pointed out that these signals would indicate that the crew is trying to reestablish contact, so work is being done to determine its precise location."

"The calls, with a duration of between 4 and 36 seconds, were received between 1052 and 1532 hours in different bases of the Navy although they did not establish contact. With the collaboration of a US company specializing in satellite communication, work is now being done to determine the precise location of the signal sender on the presumption that it is the submarine that is carrying 44 crew members aboard."

The San Juan as of at least 18 November on the surface and able to send satellite radio communications but without two-way contact? We hope so. Otherwise at this point the outlook for the vessel appears to be grim.


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