Wednesday, November 22, 2017


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Submarine missing! Submarine found!

More Sharkhunters extracts hot mail courtesy of Harry. Thanks also to WIZARD.


Search for a missing submarine successful but only partially. NOT the boat as was being looked for!

"A Royal Netherlands Navy mine hunter has discovered the wreck of the German Imperial Navy mine-laying submarine UC-69, 8.5 miles off the coast of Barfleur, northern France.Tripartite-class mine hunter HNLMS MAKKUM made the discovery in late October but the wreck was identified in November."

"UC-69 sank in 1917 after colliding with another German submarine, the U-96. U-96 accidentally rammed UC-69 which was mining waterways to and from the French port city of Cherbourg. UC-69 sank within 10 minutes of the collision, taking 11 of its crew to the depths."

"While the discovery is incidental, the Dutch remain on the lookout for their own submarine HNLMS O-13 which has been missing since World War II. The submarine disappeared in the North Sea in June 1940."

That Great War [WW1] combat record of the UC-69 most impressive. With a minimum amount [??] of effort and danger the results most satisfying from the German perspective. The naval sea mine an unappreciated weapon of war?


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