Monday, November 27, 2017


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Courtesy the tip from the Mad Monarchist Internet web site yet one more post the topic of which is the White Messiah.

    "A revolution is forcing the Military Mission to return to France. Alone I stay, alone I wish to continue, under new conditions: the results obtained by the Mission, together with the Party of the North, which is the party favorable to France in Japan. Soon a reaction will take place, and the Daimyos of the North have offered me to be its soul. I have accepted, because with the help of one thousand Japanese officers and non-commissioned officers, our students, I can direct the 50,000 men of the Confederation." — Jules Brunet.

The White Messiah. That charismatic and very talented American or European, a man quite often with a military background A foreigner who intrudes into the civil war of a far-off nation. The White Messiah able to unify, organize, train, plan, lead into battle and ultimate victory the rebel faction as opposed to the brutal and oppressive despot.

The White Messiah a popular genre with the Hollywood cinematic domain. The White Messiah also in some instances a real person comporting more or less exactly to historical events. A T. E. Lawrence, an Orde Wingate, a Brooke Raja of Sarawak, a Homer Lea, a Frederick Townsend Ward, a Chinese Gordon.

Add to the list of those names the character of the Frenchman Jules Brunet!

"Jules Brunet . . . was a French Army officer who played a famous role in the Japanese Boshin War. He was sent to Japan with the French military mission of 1867, and after the defeat of the Shogun had an important role in the Republic of Ezo. He later became a General and Chief of Staff of the French Minister of War in 1898."

See this entire You Tube video explaining the exploits of Brunet [and other French military officers] during that rebellious period in Japanese history. Brunet his Japanese efforts for naught however, the rebels vanquished, Jules successfully fleeing Japan to continue his French military career quite successfully.

Alone! And I alone!


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