Monday, November 20, 2017

Newkirk OK.

This is coolbert:

Oklahoma is OK. Newkirk however we are not sure about! DHS to the rescue.

Thanks to the Michael Savage Internet web site and the tip to this item:

"Biological weapons simulation test planned in Oklahoma"

Department of Homeland Security [DHS] plans to release chemicals to test the protection offered by buildings  in Newkirk, Oklahoma.

* A legal notice appeared in the local newspaper, saying the department would release “Non-hazardous, non-toxic chemicals and biological materials”
 * The tests are planned for 2018
 * The data should help the department assess the impact of biological weapons

Test prudent and reasonable. Test defenses and response to attack. Non-lethal agents! Tests of these types becoming routine? Just as they recently tested the nation-wide high-frequency radio network and tested the response to an attack on the American electrical grid. Just a test.

Read about a similar such test as was done in the 1950's. 

And don't worry! Nothing can go wrong, go wrong, go wrong, go wrong!


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