Wednesday, September 3, 2014


This is coolbert:

From the web site we have an extract with commentary.

"Operational Requirements for an Infantry Hand Weapon"

"After World War II, the Operations Research Office at Johns Hopkins produced its Operational Requirements for an Infantry Hand Weapon, based on these key points"

Among those key points we find an item that is rather controversial. Even a consideration that would be deemed ILLEGAL according to the various internationally agreed upon conventions pertaining to weapons of war.

8. "A very great increase in hit lethality can be effected by the addition of toxic agents in bullet missiles."

TOXIC AGENTS TO SUGGEST POISON! Wielding poison weaponry on the battlefield is verboten! Absolutely.

Incidentally, most gun battles, light infantry in mortal combat with other light infantry fighting it out with small arms at ranges of two hundred meters or less. And IN VIETNAM, MOST SUCH FIRE FIGHTS OCCURRING AT RANGE OF TWENTY METERS OR LESS!


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