Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Golan Heights.

This is coolbert:

Only from yesterday an item that has the potentiality to be very big.

Overt Israel involvement in the Syrian Civil War now a strong possible.

"The UN Is Pulling Most Of Its Peacekeepers Out Of Syria As Situation 'Deteriorates Severely'"

"The UN is quietly pulling back from the parts of the peacekeeper-administered military disengagement zone separating the Israeli and Syrian-controlled sections of the Golan Heights.
Reuters quotes an anonymous UN staffer as saying that 'Staff in U.N. positions 10, 16, 31 and 37, as well as Camp Faouar on the (Syrian) side are being relocated.'"

First the Fijians and the Filipino peacekeepers and now NO ONE?

As of this exact moment that United Nations peacekeeping force on the Golan Heights between Israel and Syria is a zero entity?

This al-Nusra front of those Syrian rebels reputed to be associated with Al Qaeda. NOT ISIL!


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