Tuesday, September 2, 2014


This is coolbert:


Those ISIL combatants during the siege of Amerli drugged and on substances?

"Iraq Crisis: Kurdish Peshmerga Commander Claims Amerli Recaptured From 'Drugged Up' Jihadis"

"A Kurdish peshmerga commander has claimed that his forces retook the besieged town of Amerli in northern Iraq from Isis (now known as the Islamic State) militants who were 'high on drugs'."

. . . .

"The claim is unusual because the radical form of Islam that the terror group enforces in its self-declared Islamic 'Caliphate', across northeastern Syria and northern Iraq, outlaws cigarettes, drugs and alcohol."

NOT so inconsistent within the cultural context however the use of OPIATES. Alcohol not allowed but culturally in the Middle East opiates permissible.

During that time American troops engaged in the Iraqi counter-insurgency mission, the guerrillas/terrorists KNOWN TO USE BZ! A chemical producing a "high"!

Amphetamines and other substances increasing endurance and strength too also permissible under Islamic law? I am not sure.


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