Wednesday, September 24, 2014


This is coolbert:

A solution to the "boots on the ground" problem in Iraq is a mercenary force? American boots on the ground but the feet in the boots those of foreigners?

"Bill O’Reilly: Why not raise a 25,000-man global mercenary army to fight ISIS?"

"Seems far-fetched. We’re going to recruit and vet thousands of possibly unreliable foreigners, arm them to the teeth, shower them with cash, give them some perfunctory training, then send them into battle against the world’s nastiest jihadi degenerates, from ISIS to Al Qaeda to Hezbollah? . . . One of O’Reilly’s guests last night called his mercenary plan 'morally corrosive' because it would outsource the national security of the United States to foreign actors"

NO! NOT so far fetched. And can be done with persons of the highest degree of reliability imaginable.

This idea previously discussed by myself from some time ago.

A divisional sized American Foreign Legion [AFL] contingent consisting of three regiments.

One regiment each consisting of personnel:

* Nepalese Ghurkhas.

* Fijians.

* Afrikaans speaking South Africans.

Fast moving highly mobile light infantry lavishly equipped with extraordinary organic firepower, prodigious!!

AFL possessing in abundance Panhard armored cars and crude but effective Soviet era 120 mm mortars. That latter ordnance a towable smooth-bore cast iron mortars firing cast iron mortar bombs.

This idea is do-able and can be done in rapid fashion, a lot faster than what people might think and rather cheaply. An on-call AFL is worthy of consideration? Any other suggestions?


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