Monday, September 1, 2014

3D Drones.

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Thanks to the Sheldon Adelson news letter and the article by Dr. Jill Bellamy we have more on 3D printing, the military application, and the potential use of micro combat drones.

A must read for all devoted readers to the blog.

NOT war of the flea but war of the micro drone! NOT only possible. IT IS!

"Emerging technologies in mass-casualty terrorism"

"Emerging technologies are those that are innovative and competitive in terms of both function and ‎accessibility. One of the primary emerging technologies is 3-D printing and its application to weapon and ‎weapon systems development. What sets 3-D printing apart from other emerging technologies is the ‎lowering of a technical threshold that makes it user-friendly to a much wider population. In so doing, it ‎lowers the technical and economic threshold of weapons production."

"Forward operating teams equipped with 3-D printers ‎could thus generate their won semi-autonomous micro air force squadrons or airborne surveillance ‎swarms, a kind of first strike desktop printing team hurling disposable drones into the sky."

The guerrilla/insurgent/terrorist possessing 3D printing, the materials, the computer technology relatively common, can have his own miniature air force with a combat capability. And replenish losses as they occur with comparable ease. Conventional air defense technology not able to handle and engage the potential SWARMS of 3D micro drones as might be found on the battlefield of the future. Like a million stinging bees coming at you all at once. NO matter how many you swat, your defenses will be overwhelmed.

Within that realm of Fourth Generation Warfare [4GW] this sort of "stuff" greatly appreciated and understood by the guerrilla/insurgent/terrorist. Asymmetric warfare "war of the flea" in an almost literal sense. And when combined with micro-computer technology even almost approaching the status of a science-fiction "Skynet".


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