Thursday, September 18, 2014


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Four Minute Mile [4MM]!!

Yet one more in a line of gadgets, apparatus, device, designed to enhance and improve, even radically so, the performance of the soldier on the battlefield.

"New Jetpack Could Help Soldiers Run as fast as 4 minutes a mile"

4MM a strap-on jet powered device allowing for an individual to run faster and longer without becoming so terribly exhausted.

"the 4 Minute Mile — or 4MM — a jetpack that can help soldiers move faster without requiring them to exert more physically."

"The jetpack gives the runner a boost in an attempt to shave off time with a goal of running a 4-minute mile."

"Early testing has shown that even carrying the jetpack equipment, the runner could complete a 200-meter run faster and with decreased exertion."

AND as should be noted worn by a trained athlete. 4MM only enhancing performance for an individual already at a high level of ability.

This jet-pack already apparently do-able and in field trials [beta testing]. NOT so excessively in weight as to be a significant burden. See the video!

"New jetpack could help soldiers run as fast as 4 minutes a mile"

"ASU’s iProjects program completed the project of the jetpack, which weighs about 11 pounds."

Historical other previous "gadgets, apparatus, device" as having been designed to increased and greatly enhance the physical abilities of the combat soldier to include:

1. Soviet era Saigak boots.     .

2. Hiller flying platform.  

3. Military exoskeletons.   

"Gadgets, apparatus, device" SO FAR not practical.  Science-fiction as seen in the Hollywood cinema not do-able YET!


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