Sunday, September 7, 2014

Rapid Reaction.

This is coolbert:

More on the proposed European rapid reaction force as was the subject of a previous blog entry:

"Read Russia’s Ominous Response to NATO’s Rapid Reaction Force"

That rapid reaction force British led and not including American, German or French military units.

"During today’s NATO summit, the alliance agreed to create a rapid reaction force to respond to threats to member states."

"That force is being formed specifically to deal with threats in eastern Europe. It is a direct response to Russia’s aggression against Ukraine."

Those NATO nations having a contiguous border with Russia to include only Latvia, Estonia, Poland and Lithuania [Kaliningrad] and Romania [Transdniester?]. One might argue that NATO naval elements and air elements also potentially can operate near or close to or in violation of during a time of war Russian borders. This particular graphic not including the various nations as comprising the proposed NATO rapid reaction force. 

We are speaking of the same rapid reaction force? Aren't we?

Military units from the various constituent NATO nations but not necessarily acting under the auspices of NATO or under NATO direct command.


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