Saturday, September 20, 2014


This is coolbert:

From Colonel Austin Bay as seen at Strategy Page that ultimate goal of Putin the reconstitution of the Soviet Union and the Russian Empire to as great as extent as possible. Power politics as it was in the days of Peter the Great.

"Putin's Strategic Goal: The RUBK"

"What does a Great Russia with global power resources look like? The RUBK -- pronounced 'rubik' as in in the puzzle Rubik's Cube. RUBK is Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Khazakstan. With its demographics and natural resources, RUBK is a geo-strategic formula for a global power"

"I [Colonel Bay] filch RUBK from a Creators Syndicate column I wrote in 2004. That column pinched a 1991 analysis James F. Dunnigan and I conducted as we prepared a second edition of 'A Quick And Dirty Guide To War.'  Dunnigan and I concluded (and we were writing before the USSR officially collapsed in December 1991) that the Russians would try to keep or link the Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and Kazakhstan core of their empire."

That power grab, seizing the Crimea by military force and rigged election just one step as planned of many?


As for determining what is the further intent of the Russian leadership THESE INTELLIGENCE AGENCIES NEED WHAT SUN TZU TERMED AS THE INWARD SPY!

"making use of official of the enemy. Worthy men who have been degraded from office, criminals who have undergone punishment; also, favorite concubines who are greedy for gold, men who are aggrieved at being in a subordinate positions, or who have been passed over in the distribution of posts, others who are anxious that their side should be defeated in order that they may have a chance of displaying their ability and talents, fickle turncoats who are always want to have a foot in each boot. Officials of these several kinds should be secretly approached and bound to one's interests by means of rich presents. In this way you will be able to find out the state of affairs in the enemy's country, ascertain the plans that are being formed against you . . ."

And such persons can be found and ARE being found? Who knows?


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