Saturday, September 6, 2014

American Gladio.

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Here from we have the story of the American Gladio.

Stay-behind units Alaska style.

"Fearing Soviet invasion, FBI trained Alaskan spies, files show"

"FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover authorized Operation WASHTUB, which involved the establishment of a 'stay-behind' force of nearly 100 citizen-agents recruited from the local population. The operation, which was also known by several other codenames, including CORPUSCLE, STIGMATIC and CATBOAT, was headed by Hoover protégé Joseph F. Carroll, of the Air Force’s Office of Special Investigations. From 1951 to 1959, the OSI, in association with the FBI, recruited Alaskan woodmen, fishermen, pilots, and others, paying them up to $3,000 a year (nearly $30,000 in today’s currency), a sum which was to be doubled following a Soviet invasion. The 'stay-behind' agents were to retreat to predetermined hideouts throughout Alaska, unearth hidden caches of food, survival supplies, and communications facilities, and transmit information about Soviet movements"

Stay-behind units as defined not confined strictly to Europe and the NATO mission. Also internal American.

And that an entity of the federal government NOT military doing the organizing I find to be most strange. This man described as a protege' of J. Edgar also at one time head of American air force counter-intelligence [OSI]. Stay-behind operating under the auspices of counter-intelligence also unusual? So I might think.

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