Friday, September 26, 2014

Kim Jong-un.

This is coolbert:

Where is Un and what is with Un?

An assassination attempt? A coup d'├ętat? What?

1. "North Korean leader Kim Jong-un 'has illness'"

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un has an unspecified medical problem, state media report, after he failed to appear at a key political event.

"A report on state television said on Thursday that Mr Kim, 31, was in an 'uncomfortable physical condition' but gave no details."

"Earlier, the leader was absent from a session of the Supreme People's Assembly - North Korea's legislature."

"Mr Kim has not been seen in public for more than three weeks."

2. "Kim Jong Un hasn’t been seen for weeks and no one is quite sure why"

"In North Korea, political life revolves around Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un. Yet Kim appeared to have skipped a high-level governmental meeting Thursday – and no one seems to know quite why.
Televised footage of the reopening of North Korea's Supreme People’s Assembly did not show Kim at the meeting, the Associated Press reports. South Korean officials tasked with keeping tabs on the North now believe that it is the first time that Kim has missed a meeting at Pyongyang's parliament since his father died in December 2011."

Combine a nation with nuclear weapons and mercurial and despotic rule AND then add instability and you have the recipe for disaster.

South Korean and U.S. leaders are following this closely if possible. They should be.


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