Sunday, September 14, 2014


This is coolbert:

From the latest DEBKAfile newsletter we have these headlines, coalition warfare as proposed for waging against ISIL now shaky at best, allied forces and those friendly to the United States seemingly hesitant and even back-sliding. You have to ask what sort of coalition is being created here.

1. "Jordan will not join US-led coalition fighting IS. Arabs have own strategy"

"8 Sept. Jordan will not be part of any coalition for battling the IS, but would continue to coordinate with all countries on facing terrorism and terrorist organizations, a senior minister said in Amman"

"The Arab foreign ministers meeting in Cairo Sunday also agreed to act jointly against extremist groups, particularly the Islamic state, but fell short of clearly embracing coordination with the US."

2. "Turkey backs out of US-led coalition against IS. Germany, UK say no to air campaign"

"11 Sept. Turkey inflicted a stunning blow Thursday, Sept. 11 to President Barack Obama's strategy for a broad US-led coalition for tackling and defeating the Islamic State, and the potential 11-member coalition which US Secretary of State John Kerry hoped to establish in Jeddah that day. Shortly after a mention in Obama's speech Wednesday night, Ankara said its air bases would be unavailable for US-led attacks on 'jihadists in Iraq and Syria.' . . . Another setback were the German and British refusals to take part in US air campaigns in Syria."

Let me see now. NO Turkey, NO airbases, NO Jordan, NO German or British warplanes, the Arab League offering an alternative plan. Did I miss something?



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