Tuesday, September 9, 2014


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Becoming Japanese!

To replace the current Collins class of submarines the Australians are negotiating with the Japanese in anticipation of the purchase of a dozen Soryu class submersibles.

"Home-built submarines deemed too expensive, too risky (Australia)"

"BUILDING a new fleet of submarines in Australia would be too risky and too expensive, the Abbott government has concluded."

"Instead, the government is considering buying 'off-the-shelf' options from Japan and Germany, with Japan’s Soryu- class boat the frontrunner."

That cost of building indigenous Australian submarines includes the construction of brand-new facilities and infrastructure merely for the boat building, expenses rapidly accelerating beyond what is tolerable.

Australia and Norway the only two nations in the world the central governments currently running a budget surplus.

Soryu class submarines too air-independent-propulsion. Very quiet and very stealthy. Well suited for the needs I would think of the Australian navy.

Delay too might seem to be a factor in the Australian decision, if and when it occurs. The Japanese already have an existing and up-and-going production facility. Australia has none at present. Cost is not only a factor.

"The Sōryū-class submarines (16SS) are diesel-electric submarines that entered service with the Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force in 2009 . . . The class are fitted with air-independent propulsion based on Kockums Stirling engines license-built by Kawasaki Heavy Industries, allowing them to stay submerged for longer periods of time."

That Australian navy not needing global power projection. These submarines well suited for the Australian mission and are good to go!


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