Tuesday, September 23, 2014


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Until only this morning the Khorasan Group totally unknown to me.

These guys are seen as a big threat on the scale of an ISIL?

Among those targets in Syria and Iraq for American cruise missiles, drones, stealth fighters and bombers is the Khorasan faction in opposition to Assad!

1. "U.S. strikes Khorasan Group in Syria, which posed 'imminent' threat to West"

"(CNN) -- [Breaking news update 6:44 a.m. ET]  The Khorasan Group, which the U.S. military struck overnight in Syria, was actively plotting against a U.S. homeland target and Western targets, a senior U.S. official said Tuesday. The threat was 'imminent,' the source said."

2. "Jihadi social media: Khorasan Group leader Muhsin al-Fadhli killed in U.S. airstrikes in Syria"

"the name of the Khorasan Group itself wasn’t leaked to the media until last week, although James Clapper had alluded months ago to unnamed AQ operatives inside Syria wanting to hit the U.S. from afar."

From the wiki entry for Khorasan Group:

"Khorasan is the assumed name of a Jihadist group in Syria with close ties to Al-Qaeda. They operate very hidden as a working group. Members are a mix of hardened jihadis from Afghanistan, Yemen, Syria and Europe working with Yemeni bomb-makers to target international aviation. The group is named after the historical region Khorasan that comprised parts of present-day Iran, Afghanistan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan in prehistoric and early Islamic times."

"The Khorasan group itself is shrouded in mystery. Little is known publicly apart from its being composed of former Al-Qaeda operatives from the Middle East, North Africa and South Asia. The group is said to favor concealed explosives as a terror method. Meanwhile the name Khorasan is aggressively spread from the intelligence community together with the note, Khorasan specifically recruits jihadists from the West."


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