Tuesday, September 16, 2014


This is coolbert:

Infamous banditii!!

I was afraid this was going to happen and perhaps already is so.

The human shield!! ISIL taking prisoners and using them as human shields.

"Iraq: Isis Using Yazidis As Human Shields Against U.S. Airstrikes"

"DOHUK, Iraq -- Reports from eyewitnesses here in Northern Iraq spoke to Breitbart News about how the terrorist group the Islamic State is using Yazidi hostages as human shields to protect themselves against U.S. airstrikes"

. . . .

"ISIS are using the hostages as human shields to protect themselves from the U.S. airstrikes."

American military planners are going to have to make some hard choices. That use of human shields too if and when an accomplished fact a clear and obvious violation of the laws of land warfare and basic humanitarian considerations as during a time of war. Perpetrators becoming common enemies of all mankind, any and all measures to apprehend and bring to justice legal and just.

Hostis humani generis.


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