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Submarine hysteria!

From the Russian Navy web site we have an article that seeks to dispel myths of the Cold War, Soviet submarines in undersea warfare, the adversary the American navy, incidents and events for the most part exaggerations and fabrications! Thanks to Freeper for the tip.

"Dispelled Myths of Soviet Subs"

From the Internet web site article by Igor Kozyr.

"In the era of Cold War the Western information space was full of numerous fantastic stories about Soviet submarines. Having taken shape in books and websites, those tales still keep Americans and Europeans on the trot. tries to demolish the foremost fables of Western 'folklore' of 1950-80's."

1. American naval surface vessels sink Soviet submarines during the era of the Korean War.

"However, having checked declassified military archives, we found out that Pacific Fleet had in service only 10 deployable submarines of pre-war [WW2] projects at that time. To exclude potential provocations, Pacific Fleet command took all possible measures [to prevent incidents]."

"the version that S-117 headed for Tatarskiy Strait to attend a tactical drill could show up in the conflict zone is untenable"

2. Entire flotillas of Soviet submarines active in the Red Sea awaiting the order to retaliate against American Middle Eastern nuclear ambitions.

"the only Soviet submarines appeared in the Mediterranean [not even the Red Sea] were two Polish-flagged Project 613 subs"

3. The Soviet sunken submarine K-129 NOT on a secret and rogue mission to launch an unauthorized nuclear attack on the Hawaiian islands.

4. Soviet submarines continually active in Baltic waters, violating Swedish neutrality on a clock-work basis. Protracted searches by the Swedish navy on a prodigious scale always having the Soviet culprits able to escape. ACTUAL documented incidents due to navigational error and not intentional.

"the 'trouble-maker' appeared to be Swedish training ship Amalia; skipper affirmed that the ship was really sailing at the search zone with newsmen on board"

"In 1992 Swedish Navy commissioned a new hydroacoustic system and it has been found that sounds similar to submarine noise were made by sea otters…"


* Soviet/Russian senior naval leadership categorically stating that AT NO TIME during the Cold War was the territorial waters of the United States violated by Soviet/Russian submersibles.

* Soviet/Russian submarines not necessarily intended to project power to all oceans. Missile launching submersibles intended to operate out of bastions close to Soviet waters carefully guarded by other Soviet/Russian subs of the hunter/killer class.

* Submarine hysteria was also an aspect of the Second World War. German submarines sighted spotted cruising in the Mississippi river. OR German U-Boat officers their bodies washed ashore on the coast of New Jersey wearing white dinner jackets with theater tickets to a Broadway production in their pockets.


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