Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Terminal Guidance.

This is coolbert:

American Special Forces with/Germans on the ground in Iraq providing terminal guidance for Paveway type munitions as dropped from American aircraft I might assume.

"Are American Troops Already Fighting on the Front Lines in Iraq? [GERMAN SF ON THE GROUND IN IRAQ]"

"The Pentagon is denying that U.S. troops are fighting ISIS on the ground in Iraq—but eyewitness accounts and Kurdish officials tell a different story."

NOT necessarily direct but rather indirect combat!

"ZUMAR, Iraq — The role of American Special Operations Forces in Iraq has remained hidden even while the U.S. air war expands. As momentum against ISIS picks up, they may be emerging from the shadows."

Something in their Constitution prohibits German military forces from being used outside the borders of Germany proper? German troops as part of the NATO mission Afghan have been deployed and seen combat. This Iraq mission is not NATO but is rather of a desperate circumstance requiring extraordinary measures.


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