Friday, December 23, 2016

Vitamins I.

This is coolbert:

Continuing with that series of blog entries as extracted from the Internet web site with my commentary

"Captain Marvel Troops for America!"

"The December 1941 issue of Mechanix Illustrated — presumably on shelves before Pearl Harbor — promises Captain Marvel Troops for America! — through the miracle of modern scientific vitamins"

"The Health Service combed the hill country and got together a group of underfed and under-nourished 'hill billies' — people who had lived most of their lives on salt pork and corn bread. .

. . . .

"We can, however, tell you this: After several years of experimenting with diet, the Health Service turned these character-less hill people into strong, healthy, ambitious, thriving, energy-filled citizens, all of them a credit to the community!"

"It was all done by scientific feeding of diets containing the proper vitamins, proteins and minerals."

That greatest generation as deemed many suffering from malnutrition the result of the Great Depression. Having food to eat but not a nutritious diet that intake of necessary vitamins and essential nutrients lacking?

That diet of the American South consisting predominately so of bacon, corn bread, corn pone and molasses less than desirable, many American young men when drafted into the military for the first time in their lives eating in a nutritious and adequate manner.


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