Monday, December 5, 2016


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More on the Israeli mixed gender combat units. First Caracal and now Bardelas.

First from the Sheldon Adelson Internet web site Israel Hayom.

"Religious Zionist rabbis declare war on mixed combat units"

"Leading rabbis band together to fight military's gender integration plan for infantry units • Prominent rabbis meet with IDF chief Eizenkot, warn him against 'crossing red line' • Issue of mixed combat units could cause a coalition crisis, they threaten."

Understand that Israel operates normally with a coalition government of which religious oriented political parties play a role. Religious party considerations must be taken into account when forming a ruling coalition. 

Secondly and finally from Israeli Ynet we have an Internet article devoted to Bardelas. Mixed gender Israeli combat unit Lions of Jordan [within a pride of lions the females do the hunting!1].

"Meet the IDF's second co-ed battalion - the Lions of Jordan"

"The newest battalion in the IDF is making history, where men and women fight side by side to defend Israel's border with Jordan."

A third battalion of mixed gender troops top be formed with designation of Tamar [choice and significance of the word Tamar as applied to the yet to be formed third battalion not known]!

I would be remiss not to add that the first mixed gender Israeli combat unit Caracal has never [?] engaged in combat! Good at patrolling, reconnaissance, intelligence gathering but as of yet not having seen any "smoke".


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