Monday, December 12, 2016


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Flynn, Kelly, Mattis!

Day of the Generals?

From Freeper and as reported:

1. "Donald Trump's choice of generals for top posts 'extremely unusual' (More FAKE news)"

"Ex-officers may actually restrain a hawkish leader, experts say, but management styles could be complicated Hup, two, three … heck, maybe even four. The procession of former military officers nominated for top jobs in Donald Trump's administration is raising concerns over whether the appointments could defy an American constitutional tenet: civilian oversight of government. The U.S. president-elect has tapped a trio of retired generals — marine John Kelly for secretary of Homeland Security, marine James Mattis for defence, and soldier Michael Flynn for national security adviser — to fill cabinet-level positions. More could be on the way."

2. "Trump Is Wise to Surround Himself with Generals for Key National Security Positions"

"We’ve reached an odd point in American political discourse when a civilian president-elect can appoint three civilian former members of the military to key positions in his administration (with his cabinet appointees being confirmed by a civilian Senate) and mainstream journalists fret about whether Donald Trump is forming a 'junta'.”

Junta that world usually associated with a group of Latin American military men that have taken over the role of a governing elite in a "Banana Republic".

"junta - - noun 1.a group of military officers holding the power in a country, esp after a coup d'├ętat"

"Hup, two, three, four." Move it troop, move it!

Devoted readers to the blog can make their own appreciation! America now resembles a "Banana Republic"?


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