Sunday, December 11, 2016

UFO Syria.

This is coolbert:

Missiles fired from either warplanes or ground launched directed at targets in Syria. Source unknown!

Still more from the latest edition of the DEBKAfile newsletter.

1. "Three Hizballah positions near Damascus reported hit by missiles"

6 Dec

"Arab internet sites identified with Syrian rebels reported Tuesday afternoon that three Hizballah positions in Zabadani north of Damascus were hit by missiles from an unidentified source. DEBKAfile's military sources describe Zabadani as a ghost town abandoned by its inhabitants and currently used by the Hizballah terrorists as a training ground, a weapons depot and a lookout, communications and surveillance position. The missiles, apparently launched from a remote ground location or a vessel at sea, achieved direct hits, causing multiple Hizballah casualties and flattening military facilities. This report is not confirmed or denied by Israeli officials."

2. "Unidentified planes carry out predawn strike on Syrian military airport: reports"

7 Dec.

"Mezzeh military airport, west of Damascus, was hit by several waves of air strikes around 4:15 am, according to reports from Syria and Arabic-language social media on Wednesday morning. The reports said neither the aircraft nor the number of planes in each wave could be identified because of the darkness. The reports included pictures of flames and pillars of smoke rising from the airport, while videos of the aftermath showed secondary explosions indicating that depots containing ammunition, bombs or missiles had been attacked. There was no comment from Israel regarding the destruction of the weapons depots, just as it did not comment on Tuesday's attacks on Hizballah positions in Zabadani, north of the Syrian capital."

3. "Syria accuses Israel of firing missiles at military airport near Damascus"

7 Dec.

"Official sources from the Syrian regime claimed Wednesday that Israel fired ground-to-ground missiles at Mezzeh military airport, west of Damascus, earlier in the day. Reports on Arabic-language social networks had said the attack was carried out at about 4:15 am. Videos released with the reports showed a series of secondary explosions indicating that ammunition, bombs or missiles had been hit. There has yet to be any Israeli comment on the news of the destruction of the weapon depots at the airport."

Israel taking advantage of the chaotic situation in Syria to give Hezbollah some serious aggravation! My intuition tells me this is so! Long-range stand-off missiles as fired from warplanes allow the Israel to strike targets without intruding on forbidden airspace?


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