Monday, December 12, 2016


This is coolbert:

From several sources and thanks to the tip from appraisals of the F-35 that are most favorable. Thanks also to Israel Hayom and The Aviationist.

1. "New F-35 fighter jets usher in 'completely new era' for IAF"

"Maj. Roi Maimon, chief technical officer for the Golden Eagle [Israel] squadron, describes the unique challenges involved in integrating a plane with such unprecedented capabilities"

2. "The F-35 makes a statement"

"It's finally happening. On Monday, two aircraft will land in Israel that are technological wonders -- so advanced, so special, that we haven't seen their like in the Mediterranean skies"

3. "Four of the most experienced USMC F-35B pilots speak about their aircraft. And they say it’s exceptional" by Todd Miller.

"The voice of the pilots is clear – the platform is working exceptionally. The F-35 is a platform with the ultimate level of sophistication, made simple. And therein lay the beauty of the F-35, and just why it will be so deadly, it’s simple".

Here is hoping. A LOT is riding on the F-35. If this warplane is not a success the USAF is in big trouble. F-35 as envisioned supposed to provide an air superiority aircraft AT LEAST UNTIL 2050. Devoted readers to the blog be aware several hundred F-35 already have been in the USAF inventory and are at least to some extent operational!


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