Wednesday, December 28, 2016


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How long?

"Top U.S. General: Two More Years to Beat ISIS"

Thanks to Freeper and the original article seen at the Daily Beast from the report by Kimberly Dozier.

"The general commanding coalition forces in Iraq predicts it will take two years of hard fighting to clear the so-called Islamic State from its twin capitals of Mosul and Raqqa, and then to burn out the remnants that will likely flee to the vast empty desert between Syria and Iraq. In a Christmas Day sit-down with The Daily Beast at his headquarters, Lt. Gen. Stephen Townsend would not put specific timelines on the battle. But he mapped out a grinding campaign that he thinks is going slowly but as well as can be expected"

Yet one appreciation of how difficult is going to be the task of defeating the Islamic State.

Some of you and especially devoted readers to the blog will recall similar predictions:

* In 2014 it was going to take three years to defeat the Islamic State.

* In 2015 it was going to take three to five years to defeat the Islamic State.

* In 2016 it was going to take three years and 50,000 ground troops to defeat the Islamic state.

NOW two years tops at most!!

So says General Townsend. "Specific timelines what they are called not a good idea. Makes you look bad when dynamics create change that abrogate previous plans, estimations and assumptions!



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